Pink Taffeta Catering Co.

Life is endlessly delicious ......

Throughout the years, Nisha has been known to never leave any stomach empty. 

So, when the opportunity to partner with E4C was presented, Nisha knew that above anything else – she NEEDED to be a part of this program. Pink Taffeta began pilot lunches at four different schools and were overwhelmed with the response from not only the teachers and the E4C lunch coordinators but the children as well!  Nisha's heart grew a thousand times when she realized that there were so many children who required a hot lunch. Pink Taffeta is happy to announce that we will be able to offer hot lunches that will be tailored to the needs of the schools providing halal and vegetarian dishes and are on a mission to fill this gap working alongside the wonderful staff at E4C.. 

To learn more about this wonderful program please visit their website at 

keeping dollars in the local economy is where it's at! during the market season you can find pink taffeta at a few local markets across the city offering a wide range of gourmet frozen meals! 

we believe that supporting local enables environmental sustainability, community well-being and product diversity by putting the decision making back into the hands of the consumer allowing them to select products based on their own  interests and needs.